How to send an OpenPGP/digitally signed email?

  1. Go to Messages and click on New.
    • Click on the drop-down in the From field, to select the sender address, for which you would like to use the associated key pair to sign that email.
  2. After composing your message, click on the drop-down over the Send button.
  3. Click on Sign & Send.
    • In case if you have multiple OpenPGP key pairs/Personal keys corresponding to the sender address, then you will be prompted to choose the one that you would like to use to sign your message.
  4. Enter your OpenPGP key pair/Personal key passphrase and click on OK. You have sent an OpenPGP signed email.

Mailfence does not allow signing emails using revoked/expired OpenPGP key pairs/Personal keys.

The recipient will need to have your OpenPGP public key to be able to validate your digital signature. You can share your OpenPGP public key by email.

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