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Can I have my own custom domain-based address(es) in a Mailfence account?

Yes, we do support having your own custom (or vanity) domain-based address(es) in paid plans. Please check this blog post for more information.

  • Entry plan offers 1 domain to be added/managed, whereas Pro plan offers 5 and Ultra plan offers 7 domains to be added/managed using domain adding wizard.
    • Please be notified, that the domain foo.example.com and example.com will be counted as two separate domains, each with its own DNS records.
  • Before adding a custom domain, please make sure that you have already chosen a primary address (in Messages) for your Mailfence account.
  • In case if you would like to replace your Mailfence account primary email address to your domain-based address, then:

1. Go to Settings

custom domain based address: step 1

2. Administration -> Users

custom domain based address: step 2

3. Click on your account listing (with the tag Administrator)

custom domain based address: step 3

4. Under E-mails, click on Edit

custom domain based address: step 4

5. Set the new primary e-mail address and choose your domain, then click on Save

custom domain based address: final step
  • All of the new emails coming to the old email address will be refused. Make sure to inform your contacts about the change of address.
  • You can assign your existing @mailfence.com e-mail address as an alias if you like.

In case you need to set-up a catch-all address for your domain, then send an email to support@mailfence.com with your login name and the desired catch-all address (e.g., catchall@mydomain.com).

After adding your domain, please don’t forget to set anti-spoofing measures (SPF, DKIM and DMARC entries) for your domain.

You can also create/manage other user accounts, and assign the email address(es) based on your custom domain.

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