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How to reach Mailfence customer support?

You can reach Mailfence customer support by sending an email to:

support@mailfence.com – For all kind of reporting, support and payment related queries.
marketing@mailfence.com – For all kind of marketing related queries.
press@mailfence.com – For all kind of press related queries.

Email support is open at all times and available to all users. Paying users get priority support.

The usual response time is less than 24 hours. This can get delayed due to other factors (e.g., unusual support tickets load, reduced working hours during weekends, reduced work-force due to holidays/other reasons).

Fake customer support phone numbers or tech support scams is an industry-wide issue. There are many Mailfence support scam pages online. They all advertise “Mailfence support number” or “Mailfence technical support,” targeting keywords likely to be searched in search engines. Scammers mostly use scare-tactics to trick you into unnecessary technical support services and push you to pay them to fix a nonexistent problem. They can also trick you into installing a malware, ransomware, or other unwanted programs that can steal your data (personal or financial) or damage your data or device.

Do not trust customer support numbers you find online or elsewhere because they are mostly scams and/or phishing attempts.

Do not call any support phone number unless it was directly emailed to you by our support team.

For general tips on online security and privacy, check out our email awareness & privacy course.

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