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What security and privacy advantages do I get from Mailfence?

In addition to end-to-end encryption and digital signature, there are lots of other benefits to a private email from Mailfence. You can find out more on these two links:

To summarize, following are some of those factors that make Mailfence Emails, Calendars, Documents and Contacts secure and private (aside from end-to-end encryption) e.g.,


  • Secure access (all connections are mandated over encrypted channels)
  • We use software that takes security seriously
  • Locally hosted and total control over our servers
  • Supporting standards e.g., xDAV which allows data to be synced with external clients supporting end-to-end encryption


  • No tracking, no advertising
  • No third-party access to your data
  • Adherence to strict Belgian privacy laws
  • Transparency

Nevertheless, if your device(s) are compromised then no security/privacy measure on our side will help you. This is why we encourage our users to follow good online privacy and security practices.

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