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What should I do when I receive a phishing email?

Do not open any attachment and URL included in the phishing email.

To be able to report the phishing email to relevant authorities, please send its full headers + body (or archive) by email to support@mailfence.com (PGP key).

We only use the following email addresses for official or legitimate communication:

  • support@mailfence.com – For all kind of reporting, support, and payment related queries.
  • noreply@mailfence.com – For new message notification, account activation, and password reset links.
  • marketing@mailfence.com – For all kinds of marketing and press related queries.

In some cases, e.g. for billing/payment:

  • pay@contactoffice.com
  • support@contactoffice.com  – For payment and related queries.

Any email claiming to be from us that is not sent from one of the above mentioned addresses, should be regarded as suspicious and potentially a phishing email.

Read our blog post for more information about how to identify and protect yourself from phishing emails.

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