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How to use Drop Folders?

How to use the drop folder function. If you would like to know what drop folders are please go to our dedicated blogpost.

Note: For Drop folders to work both users must be in the same group.

How to use drop folders

Time needed: 2 minutes

Use drop folders to send documents securely & without having to draft an entire email for them.

  1. Go to the Documents tool

    how to use a drop folder

  2. Right-click on the document you want to share

  3. Select -> Send -> Send to a Drop Folder

    how to use a drop folder

  4. Select the group and group member you want to share the document with and click on Send

    how to use a drop folder

  5. The selected user will receive an invitation by email to check his/her “Drop Folder”.

    Once you click yes, then the file will be ‘dropped’ to the recipient’s ‘Drop folder’how to use a drop folder

Having problems with the Drop folders? Then send us an email at support[at]mailfence.com

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