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How to create and manage Mailfence polls?

How to use Mailfence polls, a feature within the Mailfence calendar that allows you to create polls without having to resort to poll services that track and profile you.

Time needed: 5 minutes.

How to create a Mailfence poll.

  1. Go to your Calendar and click on Polls

    Create a poll

  2. Click on ‘Create a poll’ or ‘New’

    Enter the subject and the description.

  3. Choose the participants and click on Next

    adding participants

  4. Form Poll proposals

    Click on any of the dates to start proposing. Once you are done selecting the dates your participants will get an email asking to participate and will have to choose the dates that suit them the most. Create up to 30 proposals while selecting the time zones.Create a poll proposal

  5. Manage your poll

    List of possible action within Mailfence polls:
    Modify the Subject and Description
    Invite/remove more participants and modify the timeslots
    Send a reminder
    Conclude a poll by selecting a final date
    Close the poll (you will not be able to re-open it)
    Delete the pollManage the poll

Having issues with Mailfence polls? Send us an email at support[at]mailfence.com

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