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Why are emails I send going into the spam folder of the recipient?

Here are some of common practices that you can follow to avoid your emails being regarded/marked as spam on the recipient’s side:

  • Make sure to always send emails from a reputable IP address. This primarily means that your IP address must not be in any public DNSBL. This can be quickly checked using this link.
  • Avoid using obscure Display names and email address. First and/or Last name e.g., <firstname.lastname@domain>, or any easily recognizable variation is always a good choice.
  • Avoid using spam trigger words in your message’s subject line and body.
  • Avoid too much rich content, images, attachments, etc. and try to use clean HTML code while always including a text/plain version.

In order to stop your emails going into the spam folder, you can also ask your recipient to:

  • Move your emails from their spam folder to their inbox folder, and place your address in their account’s allow-list (or white-list) to avoid losing emails from your side.


  • If you are sending emails from your own domain based address, make sure that you have properly configured DNS SPF and DKIM records for your domain.
  • If you are sending emails from a non-mailfence address which is not based on your own domain, then please be aware that the deliverability of sent emails may be inferior due to potential SPF and DKIM policy checks. To avoid that, add the corresponding domain name to validate DNS SPF and DKIM records first.
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