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Why am I not receiving some emails?

This can be due to different reasons:

  • Email might not have been sent successfully from sender’s side. Please contact sender’s service provider to confirm.
  • Email might have been lost due to networking issue at intermediate relays (e.g., Routing ). Nothing much can be done here. Best would be to ask sender to try again. If problem persists, then contact our support.
  • Email might have been regarded as spam, and moved to Spam folder. Please check your Spam folder (messages in this folder are subject to auto-deletion).
  • Email might have been filtered and not available in Inbox folder. Please check your incoming email filters to confirm.
  • Email might have got a high spam score and hence was refused at reception time. This is to better protect our users from abuse and fraud. Please ask the sender to follow good practices.
    Alternatively, you can try using the whitelist function.

In case if none of the above points help, or if you think an email was wrongly refused (e.g., a false-positive), then please send an email to our support with the date and sender address from which you were expecting to receive that particular email (which never arrived).

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