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What is the short domain “@mf.me” and how to use it?

What it it?

mf.me is one of our new features in 2023 that allows you to have a shorter domain name than @mailfence.com or @yourdomaine.com.

The use of this short domain does not impact your old email addresses or anything else. It is only an additional option to add to your original sending email addresses.

To avoid any potential issues, you will have the same aliases as with @mailfence.com, so that there are not several people with a similar alias.

How to activate it?

Requirements : You must have a paid subscription to be able to activate the domain mf.me.

To activate it:

1. Click on your profile on the top right corner.

2. Select Settings.

3. Under “Messages” click on Short domain (mf.me).

4. Click on “Activate @mf.me”.

You’re set! The short domain is now active for your account.

How to deactivate it?

Follow the same path (Profile > Settings > Messages > Short domain (mf.me), and click on “deactivate @mf.me”.

How can I set it as my default sending address?

1. On your setting page, under “Messages”, click on “General”.

2. Select the dropdown menu next to default sender address.

You’ll be able to select your @mf.me as your default sender address.


Can I use username@mf.me as my login email?

Unfortunately, you can’t use it as a login email. You can log in your account using your username or your primary email address.

Can I create different aliases than the one I had on @mailfence.com?

No, you’ll automatically get the same aliases that you were using with @mailfence.com.

Do I have different signatures on my addresses using @mf.me?

The @mailfence.com and the @mf.me email addresses share the same signature. This is to avoid having twice the number of signatures.

I have filters enabled for my alias@mailfence.com ; Do I need to enter alias@mf.me in my filters settings or will the filtering system recognize alias@mailfence.com as alias@mf.me?

There are two options, you can :
– Either modify the filters in order to mention both domains.
– Change the filters in order to mention only the alias part: ‘Contains’ “alias_name@” without mentioning the domain.

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