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Mailfence mobile app feature overview

Overview of features of the Mailfence mobile app.

To install the app please go to the installation steps KB article. To go to a specific section please click on the links in the Table of contents.

Mailfence Mail features

Compose an email

  • Click on the blue button on the bottom right to compose your email.

Send encrypted emails

Mark as Unread or delete an email

  • Swipe right to mark an email as unread/read
mailfence mobile app feature unreal email
Mark as Unread/read
  • Swipe left to delete an email
mailfence mobile app feature deleted email
Delete an email

Select multiple emails

  • Click on the checkmark to select multiple emails.
mailfence mobile app feature mass select emails

Use the search function

  • Click on the magnifying glass to use the search feature.
mailfence mobile app features

Create folders

  • Tap on the back arrow to go to the overview of your mailbox.
  • Swipe left on any folder and tap the three blue dots.
  • Finalize by tapping “New” to create a new folder.

Mailfence Documents features

Upload documents

  • Click on the blue arrow button at the bottom-right to upload documents.

Access the Documents action menu

  • Swipe right to access the drop-down menu for a document.

Select multiple documents

  • Click on the check mark to select multiple documents.
mailfence mobile app features
  • Click the magnifying glass to use the search feature.
mailfence mobile app features

Mailfence Calendar Features

  • Add an event.
mailfence mobile app features

View the calendar in a list view

  • Click on the bullet-point icon to view your calendars in a list view. To revert to calendar view click on the calendar icon next to the blue plus sign icon.

Go back to present day

  • Tap on the calendar icon in the middle to redirect yourself to the present day.
mailfence mobile app features

View different layers of your calendar

  • Click on the bottom left icon to view different layers.

Access previous or next months

  • Tap on the arrows to access the previous or next month of your calendar.
mailfence mobile app features

Access previous or next year

  • Tap on the arrow on the top left to take you to the whole calendar view.
  • Once you reached the whole calendar view click on up and down arrows to view the previous or next year.

Mailfence Contacts features

Add a contact

  • Add a contact by tapping on the blue plus button.
mailfence mobile app features

Select multiple contacts

  • Tap on the check-mark to select multiple contacts.
mailfence mobile features

Access the action menu

Swipe left to access the action menu for a contact.

Use the search feature

  • Tap on the magnifying glass to use the search feature.
mailfence mobile app features

Do you have questions regarding the features of our mobile app? Then please send us an email at support[at]mailfence.com

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