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How to create multiple calendars

How to create multiple calendars. Mailfence calendar allows only for 1 personal calendar. However, you can use a little trick to circumvent this.

You can use group calendars as your own. Each subscription allows you to manage groups. For Example, the PRO plan comes with 5 groups which means you can have your personal calendar and your 5 group calendars. With this approach you can complement your standard personal calendar with different additional calendars.

Time needed: 2 minutes.

How to create Multiple Mailfence calendars

  1. Create a group using the Group functionality

    Go to the Settings.
    Click on Groups in the left column (bottom of the screen).
    Click on Create a new group.
    Choose an explicit group name. This name must be unique.
    You can enter a description, that will inform the members about the group purpose and/or content.
    Click on Save to create the group.

  2. Go to the Mailfence Calendar Component

    You will find your new calendar in the pull down menu among the groups you have created.
    multiple calendars

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