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How to create multiple calendars

How to create multiple calendars. Mailfence calendar allows only for 1 personal calendar. However, you can use a little trick to circumvent this.

You can use group calendars as your own. Each subscription allows you to manage groups. For Example, the PRO plan comes with 5 groups which means you can have your personal calendar and your 5 group calendars. With this approach you can complement your standard personal calendar with different additional calendars.

Time needed: 2 minutes

How to create Multiple Mailfence calendars

  1. Create a group using the Group functionality

    Go to the Settings.
    Click on Groups in the left column (bottom of the screen).
    Click on Create a new group.
    Choose an explicit group name. This name must be unique.
    You can enter a description, that will inform the members about the group purpose and/or content.
    Click on Save to create the group.

  2. Go to the Mailfence Calendar Component

    You will find your new calendar in the pull-down menu among the groups you have created.
    multiple calendars

Events, imported through File or an external platform or from an email, by-default go into the Private Calendar.

If case you face issues, send us an email to support@mailfence.com (PGP key).

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