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Email Filters: Keep Your Inbox Organized

Custom email filters are the best way to keep your inbox organized.

In this guide, we will cover how to create your own filters in your Mailfence account.

What is an email filter?

Simply put, a filter is a rule that you place on an email to perform a specific action. For example:

  • If there is a specific keyword in the Subject, delete the email.
  • If the sender is from a specific domain, move the email to a given folder.

Filters allow you to manage your inbox seamlessly and with much less manual operations.

Filters are only available for paid subscriptions (Entry, Pro, Ultra).

How do I create an email filter?

To access your filters, navigate to Settings > Messages > Filters.

There, click on New.

Creating a new filter in your Mailfence account
Creating a new filter in your Mailfence account

Next, you will need to create the rule for your filter:

  1. Description. Give a name to your filter so you can identify it easily (for example, “Newsletters”).
  2. Condition. Set at least one condition for your filter. You can set multiple conditions, and decide if all or some need to be fulfilled.
  3. Actions. Decide what should happen to an email that fulfills the conditions. You can set multiple actions if you want.
Creating a custom email filter
Creating a custom email filter

And what about whitelisting?

Whitelisting is a type of filtering that bypasses Mailfence’s antispam.

Whitelisting will allow you to deactivate the anti-spam filter on domains and addresses you want to get in your inbox.

Navigate to Settings > Messages > Whitelist. Then, set the domain or individual email addresses you wish to get to your inbox.

Whitelisting is only available for paid subscriptions.

Are you still having issues creating your custom filters? Contact our support.

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