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How to Set Up a Custom Email Signature with Mailfence

Are you looking to bring a personal touch to your emails with a custom email signature?

In this guide, we will cover how to set up your own email signature with Mailfence.

Setting up a custom signature

To setup a custom signature, access your Settings > Messages > Signatures.

Access your custom signatures
Access your custom signatures

Custom signatures add personality when sending an email.

If you are a business owner, they will also make your emails look more professional.

Custom signatures are reserved for paid subscriptions (Entry, Pro, Ultra).

To apply your signature on every email, select the option “Automatic Signature”.

Alternatively, you can apply your signature manually to individual emails. To do this, when composing an email, click on “More” > “Insert at bottom” or “Insert at cursor”.

Insert a signature in an email
Insert a signature in an email

For free subscriptions, all outgoing emails have a common signature (marketing, disclaimer, etc.). This mandatory signature cannot be disabled but you can still use your personal signature.

Can I set up multiple signatures?


With Mailfence, you can set up a signature for each of your sender addresses.

Just select the address for which you wish to add a signature:

Create a custom email signature for each sender address

Are you still having issues setting your custom email signature with Mailfence? Contact our support.

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