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Local client for XMPP connection for Mailfence Group chat?

We do not have any specific recommendations regarding any suggested XMPP Client (nor do we endorse or take any responsibility in terms of their security/privacy). Thus, you can use any XMPP of your choice under following configuration settings:

Username: username
Domain: mailfence.com
Server: xmpp.contactoffice.com
Connection port: 5222

However, to facilitate your use of Mailfence account on external tools/apps, here are some of the common third-party tools/apps that you can use based on your needs:

End-to-end encrypted (group) chat using OMEMO protocol (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/OMEMO):

All of the necessary connection settings can be found in your Mailfence by following those steps below.

1. Account Settings

Suggested XMPP Client: step 1

2. Account -> My connection settings

Suggested XMPP Client: step 2

Concerning the app/tool specific instructions of setting up your Mailfence account, please refer to the manual/user-guide of the respective app/tool you are using.

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