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How to change DKIM key for my domain?

1. Go your account Settings Messages E-mail domains.

custom domain based address: step 2

2. On your domain name entry, Click on DKIM.

change DKIM key step 1
If you have not yet added your domain name, please check this KB article.

3. Click on generate a new DKIM key.

change DKIM key step 2
Click on Yes.

4. Copy the new DKIM Name/Host (selector) and record values to add them at your domain name hosting or DNS service provider.

change DKIM key step 3
Once the DNS TXT record has been successfully included, click on Verify.
custom domain based address: Final
DNS records can take some time to propagate. You can use this tool to check.

For better protection against email spoofing attacks, it is recommended to change DKIM key (or rotate DKIM keypair) of your domain DKIM keypair after every 6 months.

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